100% Colombian

Grown in mild temperatures, fertile soils and heavy rainfall is ideal for the cultivation of coffee.

Hand Selected

The crop is carefully picked by hand to select the ripest cherries before pulping, drying & roasting.

Always Fresh

Our bags come with valve seal technology that keeps our Arabica whole beans freshly-packed.

Quick Delivery

We currently ship in the USA only. Orders typically go out within 24 hours of order confirmation.

Our Products

Coffee is an Amazing Process



I visited your coffee store in Cartagena this past May and your coffee is amazing.
Now that I’m home in the United States I was wondering if you ever take online orders or ship your coffee beans.
Thank you for your time!

– Katie Peterson

I want to thank the you guys for the great service and the prompt delivery of my coffee order.
This is amazing coffee!

– A. Rodriquez

We had our first taste of your coffee at the “Rotary Club Wine tasting Event” in Key Biscayne its was delicious and had a great flavor.
We received our first order, and making coffee every day. We will share with our friends and family.
Thanks Again.

– Mr. & Mrs. Jon Weiss

Met you a few months ago on a trip with 5 friends. You will recall that we are bringing 40 guys back in May.
Anyways enjoyed your French roast whole bean to the point that I can’t drink the Starbucks brand.
Do you have distribution or ability to sell to me here in Florida ?
Not going to make it till May.

Hope all is well

– Devin

I recently purchased your coffee in Columbia.  I love and would like to know How I can buy more .
Is it sold in the United States and if yes can you please send me a reference

Thank you

– Eileen Jacobson

We were recently their on a cruise and toured with Dora. She sent us in your store for coffee and it is the best.
Is there a way for us to order that and have sent to the US?

– Ron

Hello, I recently purchased some of your coffee while in Cartagena (off a cruise ship) It is excellent coffee.
Is it available in New York state (USA) or do you supply it by mail?
Also you should have a website for this excellent coffee.

Thank you,

– Blane E. Chism

We recently purchased some of your coffee while on a cruise ship shore excursion. We love your coffee and would like to purchase more.
Where can we buy your coffee in the United States? can I purchase it online?

Thank you

– Bev

Hello from Florida! I was in Colombia a few months ago and bought a bag of your Tolima coffee.
It is fantastic, and I’d love to buy more. Do you sell online or ship?

– Tory Buckman

 Last week when I was visiting Cartagena, I purchased two bags of your coffee, Manizales and Tolima in whole bean form.
It is the best coffee I have ever had and my only regret is that I did not purchase more.
Would it be possible to buy these coffees directly from you?  If not, can you recommend a vendor?

– Louis Marucci