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Coffee and USA - The Best Way to Experience Colombian Coffee

The Best Way to Experience Colombian Coffee

Having a great breakfast with a cup of Colombian coffee always sets the tone for the whole day. However, relying on a barista when restaurants and coffee shops might be closed or simply too far away may not be an option for some. Then you may be interested in brewing your own Colombian coffee at the comfort of your home. It is easier than you might think, simple things like storing your coffee properly and using good filters will prevent bitterness and off-flavors from your cup. And it could also save you a lot of money, depending on how much coffee you drink each day. No matter how you enjoy your Colombian coffee, here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of it, every single time you make it.

How to enjoy a nice cup of Colombian coffee at home

Your Colombian coffee can be brewed in a variety of ways at home. Traditionally, drip coffee has been the favorite, but there is pour-over coffee and then the French press which is great for a quick and easy coffee fix. Here’s how to make coffee easily using all three methods.

Drip coffee machine

A drip coffee machine is a staple on most homes because nothing beats a drip coffee machine on a busy morning. Up to 12 cups can quickly be made at a time depending on your machine.

  1. First pour the coffee grounds into a filter-lined basket, then place it in the drip machine. Then make sure the water spout is aimed at the center of the grounds.
  2. Fill the machine with clean water and simply turn it on.
  3. To prevent a burned taste, turn off the machine once the coffee has finished brewing. 

Don’t forget to clean your machine once a month with a mixture of water and vinegar, which removes any residue for the best tasting Colombian coffee.

Pour-over coffee maker

Comparatively to other brewing methods, pour over accentuates intricate flavors. Since it lets the flavors and aromas of the coffee shine through, it’s a popular choice for coffee lovers as well. With a pour-over coffee maker, you’ll easily make the best aromatic, and well-balanced cup of coffee.

  1. First boil clean water in a kettle.
  2. You should then rinse the brewer with hot water after putting a filter in. Adding hot water to the brewer warms it up, so it can keep coffee hot for longer. Drain the rinse water and discard it.
  3. Make sure the filter surface is level before adding the coffee grounds. Pour just enough freshly boiled water over the grounds to saturate them completely, beginning in the middle and working outward. If the coffee starts dripping, stop pouring. This allows the coffee to de-gas.
  4. Add the remaining water slowly, maintaining the dripper half-full to three-quarters full.
  5. Finally remove the filter carefully, then serve and enjoy your Colombian coffee

French press

The best coffee is made with a French press, according to many people. Because paper filters in drip machines and pour-overs can take away the flavors and oils. With French presses, a small amount of coffee grounds also percolates into the coffee and enhances its flavor without soaking up flavor.

  1. First boil clean water in a kettle.
  2. Add the coffee grounds to the French press.
  3. Add the freshly boiled water to the French press and stir it vigorously with the coffee grounds.
  4. Wait for about 3-5 minutes. Then slowly plunge the press which will separate the grounds from the coffee.
  5. Finally transfer the brewed Colombian coffee to your favorite cup. Don’t get too excited and wait for it to cool a little before enjoying it.