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Coffee and Usa - What Does Colombian Coffee Taste Like?

What Does Colombian Coffee Taste Like?

Colombia is one of the most popular coffee growing regions in the world, along with several other countries, it is well known for its exquisite taste and quality. It’s an established fact that  it is one of the best coffees in the world. But where does its popularity come from? What does Colombian coffee taste like, and what should you expect when you drink it?

The typical Colombian coffee has a medium-bodied taste, citrus-like acidity, and a fruity flavor; it may also have occasional hints of caramel and chocolate. Because it is an Arabica type coffee it is milder compared to the more common and easier to grow Robusta. 

Coffee from this region can be used both as a base for blends or on its own because of its amazing taste and quality. In addition, it can be roasted at different levels, though medium and light roasts are always the best to get the most flavor from any coffee.

Another distinctive feature of Colombian coffee is that it is grown by small and medium family-run farms in the majestic mountains of Colombia, with around half a million people farming it. The geography of Colombia makes it the ideal place to grow Arabica coffee, a crop that has very specific growth requirements. A complex blend of climate, soil, and exact amounts of rainfall are primarily responsible for how Colombian coffee tastes so good. In order to flourish, coffee plants need at least 200 centimeters or 80 inches of rain per year and temperatures that never drop below freezing.

Colombian coffee tastes differently depending on the region

There are many places to grow coffee in Colombia, a diverse region with a variety of crops. Due to this, Colombian coffee can actually have quite a bit of variation in taste.

Typically, the classic taste is a sweet, citrusy one with a touch of nuttiness or chocolate; however, the profile can also include any number of things depending on where and how the beans are grown, such as:

  • Delicious fruity flavors
  • Sweet like caramel
  • Medium-bodied 
  • Some hints of Nutty notes
  • With a creamy aftertaste

Colombian coffee is very popular because there are options available for everyone. However, Colombian coffee has three main regions, each with a distinct flavor profile:

  • The northern region has hints of nuts, chocolate and a more bold, less acidic taste.
  • The southern region is more acidic and citrusy.
  • The central region has more herbal and fruity flavors.

Colombian coffee doesn’t have more or less caffeine than other types of coffee, but it does tend to be more acidic because it grows at high altitudes and lower temperatures.

Colombian coffee is among the best

To begin with, it depends who you ask but no matter how you look at it, Colombia produces high-quality coffee beans.

It is first known for growing the best type of coffee beans which is Arabica. In addition, Colombia’s climate is one of the best for growing coffee in the world.

Colombia also has sufficient moisture and dryness, it has a good elevation and enough rain. While many other countries have been suffering from climate change and their ability to grow coffee is affected, Colombia has remained stable.

Furthermore, because the beans are wet-processed, you get more of a taste of where the coffee was grown, as well as a more pleasing acidity.

Additionally, this coffee works really well as an espresso, as it blends well with other coffees. Light or medium roasts are the best for it, but it can run through different machines for different flavor profiles, so it can handle any roasting level.

Nonetheless, Colombian coffee is one of the best due to the care taken as it grows, processes, and is then roasted to bring out its best qualities.


The best coffee really depends on your preferences. But Colombian coffee regularly ranks high on most coffee enthusiast scales. Having the ability to be blended, or stand alone, and possessing a variety of flavors, it is one of the more versatile ones out there.
There is no doubt that this is one of the most common coffee beans currently available, especially in coffee shops. Almost everyone who loves tasting different kinds of coffee has experienced Colombian beans at least once in their lifetime.