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Coffee And USA - What Makes Colombian Coffee Unique

What Makes Colombian Coffee Unique

Colombia is regarded as one of the largest coffee producers globally and is well-known for its arabica coffee production. Colombian coffee is renowned globally for its quality and palatable taste. It is generally regarded as some of the best in the world. But what makes Colombian coffee different from the rest of the countries? Read on and discover what makes it the best among the rest.

The Unique Arabica Coffee in Colombia

There are three factors that determine the quality of a raw coffee together with an explanation as to why each one plays a crucial role in making Colombian coffee stand out.

Geographical setting

As far as climatic and geographical setting is concerned, Colombia has just the ideal place to plant high-quality coffee. Coffee is regarded as a sensitive crop that needs the exact and ideal climatic conditions to thrive. The richness of flavor for which Colombian coffee is known is primarily due to perfect soil composition, excellent climate, and the exact amount of precipitation it gets. Coffee thrives in places experiencing at least 80 inches of rainfall annually, as well as in places where the temperature never decreases below zero degrees.

Moreover, the lush and mountainous terrain, high rainfall, right amount of sunlight, and tropical location make Colombia an undoubtedly ideal coffee-growing country. People often say that the country was blessed with amazing biodiversity. Its greatest blessing has been an ideal geographical setting and climatic condition for growing some of the world’s best coffee.

The harvesting and growing process

Harvesting and growing cannot be underestimated when it comes to producing world-renowned coffee. It is not enough to have the ideal climatic condition and terrain if you grow, harvest, and collect coffee beans poorly or sloppily. The best coffee is typically grown on steep slopes, which are primarily surrounded by trees that provide necessary shade which prevents the coffee beans from being roasted under the sun–and every coffee bean is manually picked by hand. Colombian coffees are picked and harvested by hand.

The process of hand-picking the coffee beans should also not be underestimated. A machine cannot distinguish the difference between unripe beans, green beans, and the ideal coffee beans. Hence, manually harvesting them is the ideal way to distinguish them. The hard work and blistered fingers of thousands of coffee bean pickers is a testament to the hard nature of their work; however, satisfaction to the coffee-lovers, with the selection process being meticulously done where only the best beans are made it to your cups.

Type of coffee being harvested

Contrary to the popular notion that all coffee beans are all the same, it is not. Coffee beans are classified into two different types: arabica and robusta. At present, there are also new varieties produced that are branched out within the aforementioned coffee bean types. With its ideal terrain and climatic condition, Colombia is only one of the few countries in the world that produce genuine arabica beans. What exactly does this have to do with high-quality Colombian coffee?

Arabica coffee is widely renowned to be a superior coffee bean. With its lighter and sweeter taste, it is preferable over other coffee beans with less caffeine and stronger acidic notes. Arabica coffee produces a richer, tastier cup of coffee as compared to robusta. The arabica status of Colombia is bound to be in line with some of the most amazing coffee in the world.
There is nothing that can be done to rescue even the tastiest and finest coffee on the planet if your roasting process is dreadful or poorly stored. However, if you are looking for the finest and tastiest coffee in the world, look no further as Colombian coffee can give you all the benefits you can get from a coffee beans. You will be mesmerized by how Colombian coffee is top-notch and be satisfied with every sip.