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Coffee and USA - What is the Healthiest Way to Drink Coffee

What is the Healthiest Way to Drink Coffee?

Contrary to popular belief, coffee poses many bad benefits to one’s health, but you may be surprised to think that it is not as bad as you think. Backed up by research, it shows that it can be good for you and there are some ways to make it healthier. Your coffee breaks might not be as bad for your health as you might think; however, it does not mean that you cannot make it even better for yourself. There are many ways on how to make coffee even healthier, especially when coffee plays a big part in your morning routine.

What are the health benefits of coffee?

Coffee is considered one of the most popular and healthiest drinks available. It is healthy considering its high level of antioxidants and countless nutrients it can offer. Extensive research shows that coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of several diseases. It can significantly improve your energy levels and make you smarter, helps you burn fats, and can drastically improve your physical performance.

You can also brew Colombian coffee or purchase certified and authentic organic coffee that is free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Certified organic coffee beans like Colombian coffee will ensure no added chemicals are entering your body through sipping your morning coffee.

What are some tips to make your coffee experience healthier?

If drinking coffee is now a part of your daily routine and your body tolerates its caffeine content, do not hesitate to pour yourself a cup and reap its countless benefits. By following some tips, you can make your coffee drinking experience healthier.

1.- Measure how much sugar you are adding to your coffee. Whatever kind of sugar or sweetener you may add to your coffee, it is also recommended measuring it up first. Real sugar can be fine in moderation; however, too much of it will cause a lot of health problems. You may also use pre-portioned packets of sugar which typically contain one teaspoon of sugar.

It is also recommended for you to use a low-calorie, and natural sweetener to sweeten up your coffee without adding excess sugar and calories into your coffee. You may also opt for plant-based creamers made with almond or coconut in a way that makes them low in fat and calories, aside from there are various flavors to choose from.

2.- Opt for organic mountain-grown Colombian coffee. It’s healthier to drink organic coffee than instant coffee or ones you can buy from the supermarket. Since it doesn’t contain sugar or artificial sweeteners. It has significantly lower calories.

In addition, coffee, like tea, citrus fruit juice and soda, is an acidic drink. Natural acids will always be present in coffee, but the amounts and levels of acidity vary depending on the growing and harvesting techniques. Both of these factors affect the final taste and your stomach’s response.

Coffee beans grown in non-organic conditions can have higher acidity levels. The reason for this is the use of unnatural additives and pesticides in coffee production. In case you have heartburn or a stomach ache after drinking coffee, choosing organic coffee will most likely help.

3.- Avoid drinking coffee with an empty stomach. Numerous studies found out that the bitterness in coffee can significantly send signals from your brain to your stomach to create more stomach acid. The acidity of coffee may upset your stomach, especially when there is nothing else in your digestive system. Moreover, coffee can also cause your blood sugar to significantly spike after a bad night’s sleep. Hence, the ideal way to reap the negative effects of drinking coffee is by drinking it with or after breakfast.

4.- Top your coffee grounds with some flavorings before brewing. Another way to add flavor without adding extra fat, sugar, and calories to your coffee grounds is to add nutmeg, cinnamon, food-grade lavender, or other spice before brewing. Putting these before brewing the coffee grounds helps infuse the flavors and reap its benefits.

Key takeaways

Coffee is regarded as one of the most popular drinks in the world. Many health professionals stress that it is one of the healthiest, posing many benefits. For some people, it is the largest source of antioxidants in their diet and its stimulant effects.

A coffee intake is linked to many health benefits if it is brewed properly. There are countless ways to make your morning coffee consumption healthy and to improve these benefits even further.

Most importantly, get rid of adding too much sugar to your coffee. Instead, you can top it all off with a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, or cocoa. By following the aforementioned tips, you can make your morning cup of coffee even healthier with every sip.