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Coffee and USA - The best ways to brew a Colombian coffee

The best ways to brew a Colombian coffee

Nowadays, we have a vast array of contraptions that help us brew your Colombian coffee and it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with the choices. There is your usual drop machine, french press, new pod machines and then there is the time-consuming ritual of manually making the flavorful espresso. But when selecting the right way to brew your Colombian coffee. Every person has a different answer. You’ll need to factor in different variables, such as the time it takes to brew, the clean-up method and, most importantly, the taste.

The range of machines available caters to every coffee drinker. So here is an introduction to all the ways to enjoy your Colombian coffee, including its advantages and disadvantages.

The nice and simple French press

The most user-friendly coffee brewing method is the French press.  Just add hot water to ground coffee and stir. Plunge the filter in the water after a few minutes to separate the grounds from the hot water. One of the reasons people prefer this method is that the resulting coffee drink has a fuller flavor than an average filter coffee.

French presses are a great option if you don’t want to go through the hassle of a complicated brewing process and don’t want to lug around an entire appliance.

One of the main drawbacks of the French press is that it cannot automatically remove the ground coffee from the finished drink. This will result in a bitter or harsh tasting coffee. French press coffee will continue to brew for as long as coffee grounds are inside. To achieve the best results, serve the coffee all at once or transfer it to a thermal carafe.

Aeropress for coffee on the go

A new method of brewing has emerged called aeropress. Travelers who want excellent coffee on-the-go will find this device useful because of its compact size and rapid brewing time. With this machine, you will be able to make coffee in just about 1 minute. A chamber is filled with ground coffee and is submerged in water for 60 seconds. The water is then filtered and plunged into a mug.

Drip Coffee Makers

Drop coffee makers work by dispensing hot water over a suspended paper mesh filter holding your Colombian coffee grounds. It is the most popular way to enjoy your coffee. However, the way water is dispensed over the coffee and the temperature determine the quality of the coffee. So shop for a drip coffee maker with temperature control and drop settings. It is also a good idea to look for a shower head that distributes hot water evenly over the whole surface of the coffee ground rather than just pouring it through the middle. This can lead to a coffee that is too weak and lacking in flavor.

A drip coffee machine is ideal for those looking for convenience above all else. Using the drip machine means you won’t need to monitor the brewing process, and you can also program them ahead of time, so getting up in the morning won’t be a hassle. The automated drip coffee maker is the most hands-off way to brew coffee, but it does not produce the best cup of coffee. 

Why invest in an espresso machine?

Espresso isn’t a low-maintenance easy way of making coffee. There is a learning curve when it comes to using espresso machines. But if you are interested in the art of making the perfect cup of Colombian coffee, it mabe worth buying an expensive espresso machine. Once you learn how to properly operate the machine though the process is speedy and will deliver a quick cup that you can enjoy.

In order to make espresso, the steam is pushed through a compact puck of finely ground coffee under pressure. A high level of pressure is essential. This means steam can pass through the tightly packed coffee in a short period of time. In most cases, professional machines produce espresso shots in 25 to 30 seconds. 

You’ll be able to tell a properly made espresso by its concentration and striated crema. Espressos made from old beans have thin bodies and pale foams. The cost of a good espresso machine is higher than other methods, but if you buy lattes regularly at cafes you may save money in the long run.